When will we be updating to Minecraft 1.9?

Well, it looks like the time is here. 1.9 will hit our launchers in around a week or so, and for potentially the first time ever, the server software we use will actually be immediately available on launch. However, this does not mean we can update.

We will be waiting on plugins for quite a while, plus we have custom features which may require updating, plus we will need to evaluate all new features and determine their place on the server. There is also the issue of anything that requires a new world to be generated to use, and how we will deal with that (we will be keeping the current map regardless, the question is whether or not we add an additional one).

Once these things are all sorted out, we will move to Minecraft 1.9, but until then, you will need a 1.8 profile to connect. Please ask any questions you have that are not explained above in the discussion thread!