Hi Guys, I have some exciting news!

I'm arranging a meet up to which anyone is welcome - it will be held in Birmingham, UK, during Insomnia Gaming Festival. I am aware that will be difficult for those abroad to get to but hopefully we will have some good attendance from those of you who are UK residents!
The meet up will be focused around Insomnia62 Gaming Festival, which is held at the NEC from Friday 30th March - 2nd April. We will be attending together on Saturday the 31st March, as well as going for food together at lunch and in the evening - and for those of age, drinks!

If you are able to attend please fill in this form.

Please also be aware that you are responsible for buying your own tickets to the event. Please do buy your tickets as soon as possible, as they sell out quickly nearer the time.


Thank you, look forward to seeing who's coming!