Survival: The Complete Guide

Survival is our original gamemode, it carried us through many years and brought many unforgettable memories. All of this on top of the friends you make, a great gamemode to get into Wabbitface.

Survival also comes with many perks and features, such as anti-grief claiming, warps and random teleporters, spawns, shopping districts, an end that resets and another that doesn't, I would keep going but i'm running out of things to think of. The point is, there's lots to use and lots to do! So make sure to get on and have a go in our original gamemode!

Surviving your first night.

Your first day to night cycle will always be the hardest, so here is the recommendation of what to do from your friendly admins:

Go grab some wood and maybe stone to make some tools and weapons, kill some animals for some food and gather anything else you might need before heading underground. Here, you will mine until it is daytime. In this time you should aim to get some iron armor and other tools, maybe even a water bucket, which is useful for clearing lava and if you need to go down a long drop!

The reason you go mining at night is because there will be fewer monsters underground as above ground there are dark spots thanks to the night time, meaning there are more above you and fewer below you. This will really help with caving, as you do not need to worry about being attacked as much.

We also recommend you use torches to light your way, this mean you are less likely to be attacked from behind, as bad monsters cannot spawn in lit up areas. It also allows you to see, which is also pretty useful.


Claiming your builds on our server is very important, as if you don't and get stolen from, staff are a lot less likely to help. Also, no one wants to pester the staff, i'm sure they got stuff to do. So, what you want to do is either us the /claim command to make a small claim, or get yourself a golden shovel.

The golden shovel can be used to specify the two corners furthest from each other, allowing you to claim everything between them. This does also mean that you will need a lot of what is called "ClaimBlocks" which is a single y-level claimed. Essentially, when working out how many claim blocks you need, only think about the area. For example, if you want to claim your house, you only think about the walls and how long they are, maybe 20 blocks on both sides, well this is easy, just 20x20 which is 400, so you need 400 claimblocks. Just that easy!

Trading with others

Here at wabbitface, we want to encourage a thriving economy, whilst being fair to the players, as a result we have multiple rules about shopkeeping and trading, which can be found at the bottom of this tab. Furthermore, we have a specified area for shops, as well as a simple way to trade with others without being online. A tutorial to this can also be found at the bottom of this tab.

Basically, we want you to do things our way, but that shouldn't restrict you too much, we only ask so it is one less thing we need to moderate, and it looks cool, whether you are flying over the shopping area or looking at one of the trading chests.

The location of the shopping area changes from map to map, but right now it is around the East Spawn, which can be found by following these directions: Use "/spawn", then walk down the stairs to the warp hall. There should be a hole in the wall with a sign above it, saying "East Spawn", you want to go through this one and it will take you to the East Spawn and the Shopping Disctrict.

Rules can be found here:
Guide to our shopping plugin can be found here:

Using The End

On survival, we have two "The End" dimensions. One that can be found normally through using eyes of ender to locate a portal which once complete can take you there. This is The End that will reset periodically, announcements for which can be found on our discord.
The other can be found by using "/spawn" and looking to your right. This is "The Build End", where you can build structures without fear of them being reset by those pesky admins, so make sure to use the right one for what you need.