As you've probably noticed, the server is down right now. I was not there for what happened (work has a tendency to require attendance), and I can't be sure of the facts yet as I have not had time to investigate, but I will be looking into this. In the meantime, the server will remain down to prevent anything else from happening.

If you have any useful information on what happened here (so, only if you were on), and have any screenshots or anything, please let me know. I don't want to know that "OMG ITS BROKE FIX IT", this will not help, and I will probably ignore/delete anything like that.  Did you see any map grief? Just the chat messages? This is the kind of info I need.

Now, it may turn out we need to restore from a backup. If this is the case, anyone who made progress today will likely need to do so again, and that will be kinda tough. Not a lot we'll be able to do. However, with any luck the server took itself down quickly enough for this not to be an issue. We will see.

For now, we deeply apologise for the outage, this has come a bit from left field. We ask for your patience during this, and your understanding as we attempt to figure it all out.

Thank you,