Privacy and Data Collection on the Minecraft Server

Recent events within the staff team have brought to light the fact that we don't communicate with you guys all too well about your privacy and the safety of your data and our data collection on the server. So, lets change that. This post aims to answer any questions our players might have about these important aspects of your time here.


We thought it best to get this one out of the way first, as it's the only one that contains data pertaining directly to real people. Luckily though, this is easy. As all our transactions go through PayPal, your data is all stored and kept by them. None of it is stored on our servers, in logs or in records. If you are concerned about how PayPal use your data, or how and where it is stored, please check their privacy policy here. We are confident your personal data is safe with them, and we never see a sniff of your card or bank details.

Communication on the Minecraft Server

Almost every action taken on a Minecraft server. Commands run, chat messages sent, players connecting or disconnecting are all logged by default in the base server. On top of this, we also log chat messages and commands run to a special database that we can search through by parameters such as location, specific players or specific text. It's pretty comprehensive.

Now, what everyone should be aware of is that this includes private messages. When we say a "private message" in this case, we do not mean private in the sense that only you and the recipient may view it. It is private in that it is not broadcast to public chat. Please be under no illusions that Wabbit Survival is a private chat room for all your carnal desires, or chatting with your friends about a personal matter.

You are of course at liberty to discuss these things using PMs, but we want you to know that anything truly private may be read by members of staff when looking for something else. If you really want something to be truly private, we suggest you take it to another platform, like a Teamspeak server (like ours, spoken conversations are not logged!), a skype call or instant messaging.

Senior staff members can also at times turn on a service that allows them to view private messages being sent live at the time. This is not something used lightly, and they are not permitted to discuss or act on information seen using this tool unless it directly implicates a player in a rule breaking offence. All staff members are able to search the chat and command logs from within the game, but only admins have access to the raw database itself. The data recorded in these logs is saved for a couple of weeks before being automatically purged from our records. The overall server logs are stored for a few months at a time before being deleted.

Anything read by a member of staff is to be kept entirely private, and will not be repeated anywhere unless pertaining to a rule breaking offence, and even then only in staff circles.

Other logged data

As we are sure you are all acutely aware, we do not as a rule use player area protection systems on Wabbit Survival. However, we are able to "roll back" any unauthorised block breaks/placings by any player to another point in time. To do this, we use a system that logs most game actions taken on the server. This includes, but is not limited to, killing mobs, breaking and placing blocks and dropping and picking up items. This allows our staff members to analyse in detail what someone has done in any given place on the server, and take appropriate action. The records don't lie, and this is how we catch most people, and how we then refute their denials in the ban appeals.

This data is linked to your player account, and is kept for a few months. It is accessible by all members of staff for lookup, and for reversals by moderators.

The Website

We store no personal data on the website, and ask for none, unless you choose to reveal it in your profile information. As mentioned above, all personal data relating to subscribers remains with PayPal and is governed by their privacy policy. We use modern encryption to secure your account with your password, a well known and trusted system for managing the site overall and we now force SSL on all pages using modern and up to date encryption ciphers, keeping your connection to use snoop free.

The web server logs the standard data such as incoming connections and pages accessed, including storing your IP address, but this is the same as ~100% of all websites your ever visit! Passwords and other secure and personal data are never logged. Cookies are stored in your browser for purposes such as "keep me logged in," remembering your forum view, and a few other things relating to your login session, or when you get directed to PayPal.

Data Collection - A Final Word

If you think we've missed something off this post, please let us know. If you have any questions about your data, please don't hesitate to ask us. We take your security very seriously, and hope you continue to trust us! Enjoy playing!

Data Collection - Padlock