Some useful guides for our players (and visitors) to help them out on Minecraft issues and queries.

Welcome to the guides page, here you can find out about one off tutorials or read up on our unique gamemodes. Simply open the tabs below to read information about each topic.

Wabbitface Survival: The Full Guide

As the gamemode that started our server rolling, survival has been and always will be our core gamemode. Here you can build, survive and make friends on our 30k*30k map. Though the maps reset every so often, the memories you make here do not. Want to find out how you can play this gamemode to the maximum? Check out this link:

Creative Plots: The things to know

Creative is the hand in hand gamemode along side survival. Here you can build with the limits of survival removed, simply claim a plot and get those blocks placed. Want to find out how to claim a plot and more? Check out this link: (This link was lost in time, the wizards are getting it back)

Heights: The Full Guide

Heights is our take on the popular gamemode known as Skyblock. On this gamemode you can use the void filled landscape to build in open peril. I know, sounds fun, doesn't it? Want to find out more about Heights? Check out this link:

Doomsday: Surviving and more...

Doomsday is the ultimate survival gamemode, here you will be given a limited amount of time to survive. Expect things to be difficult, as the world only gives you one chance. Want to make it count? Find out all the details to deal with anything the crazy admins throw at you in our hardcore gamemode by checking out this link: (I think the crazy admins deleted the link, I'll formulate another as soon as I can)

How to use Shops Plugin

The shop chest plugin is live! How-to's, rules and Info are all in here!   How-to-use:   - First you will need a chest, a sign, the item you are giving away and the item you want others to pay. - Place the chest in the desired location. You will need an...

How to install Optifine

Step 1: Go to Click Download to the right of which Optifine you want depending on what version of Minecraft you want it for. E.g for 1.13.2 you want "OptiFine 1.13.2 HD U E5" Wait a few seconds, then click SKIP AD in the top-right corner...

How to Install Forge for Minecraft

Make sure you have Minecraft installed and also run the game at least once on the version you wish to install forge on (e.g 1.13) Go to the Forge website. Go to and this will take you to the download page of the latest version of...