Map Reset Release

Hello ladies and gentlemen, the time has come that you have all been waiting for, we finally have a release date for our map reset release! Yay !! And what is more important is that it's incredibly soon from now, we will initiate our reset process.

So for many of you that are new to this, the following are what to be expected in our Map Reset Release:

Playtime and rank stays the same

Our Old map to be safely stored and downloadable from our 'Previous Maps' of our Resources section of our website

New revamped spawn introduction that you will all be required to run through in order to survive the ship journey!

Spawn Island warp hall has undergone numerous changes to work for our new map

Random teleport is now in fact, a real random teleport with smart capabilities that makes sure you don't spawn in someones base

And of course our brand new map which features a paid custom map generator which features fantastic new biomes, epic tree replacements from the default trees, Overworld secret hideouts, structures, amplified mountains, real rivers, pre-built portals and many more cool stuff to explore than even I have yet to discover!

However some things wont be available for now, such as PVP island (Since pvp will be globally active except in your land claims), Shopping District (Since inventories and shops are being wiped and you will all be spending your time exploring and building your homes).

We will provide a special server for you guys if and when our main server gets terminated for a short while, it will contain a nice hangout area and a countdown timer for when new map comes out this Friday. Lastly, here at Wabbit Survival, we hope that you will enjoy this fantastic fresh start that you have all been anticipating and I am sure the wait will be worthwhile for you!

Map Reset Release Room

Map Reset Release Room

Be sure to visit this room once the portal is working, it will lead you to our countdown server which will be available shortly before our main server goes down.