Server Rules




Be Respectful

Treat each other as friends, and don't use language or actions that take away from another's gaming experience.

Offensive Language

Don't use profanity, racism/discrimination, insults, off-colour topics, or language/anything of similar effect. As we pride ourselves in being a family friendly server that is welcome to all. 

Trolling, Spam or Excessive Caps

Chat is for legitimate in-game discussion. Don't post comments that interfere with the conversation.


We do not allow the use of Minechat. This is due to the way we have our ranking system setup (based on playtime) therefore this can be used as an AFK mechanic to keep your account logged in to gain playtime and we feel you should be actively playing. Exception: Staff members in an emergency, not for general use.


Don't post names, IP Addresses, or links for other servers, games/YouTube channels or anything of the like.

English Language Preferred

The majority of our playerbase is English speaking therefore only English in public chat. However, alternative languages through private messaging is totally fine with us.

Vet Chat

For Ex-Staff members you have access to ‘Vet Chat’ by using the prefix ‘!’. For Example: !”your text here”

What you say here may be more relaxed due to the more mature players within the rank. This means acts such as mild swearing are permitted, so long as what is said cannot be taken offensively by other players and you respect the wishes and feelings of others. If you are asked to stop, we expect you to do so.


Wabbit Survival is a diverse, friendly Minecraft server. Communicating with your fellow players is an important part of connecting with our community. We are proud to have players of all ages and from many different countries and beliefs. Keep the conversation civil and appropriate for everyone. If you have a disagreement with another player or are uncomfortable with their comments, notify a staff member. Staff have discretion to decide if a player or conversation is inappropriate or disruptive.



We also ask that you be respectful to others in the way you play the game. This includes:


Don't enter another player's area if marked private or if asked to leave. Some players prefer to play on their own or with friends they trust and for some, trust needs to be earned. However, it's fine to ask to be invited to a players home if you want to check out what others have built.


Don't take any item not clearly marked as free or public (Unless if provided permission to do so) even from builds that looked abandoned. It's best if you farm for yourself and gather from generated content within the map provided.


Don't kill other players, their pets/animals, or any name tagged mob. Unless specifically stated otherwise by the other player that owns the pets/animals, or the name tagged mob, or that they want to engage in PvP combat. Players can toggle pvp on/off.

Hacks and Cheating

Don't use hacked clients, mods, bugs, exploits or unintended gameplay mechanics for an in-game advantage. (Including, but not limited to xray, Nodus Client, item duplication etc). 

Being Respectful of Other Peoples Builds

Do not build to closely to other people creations or claim land too close to their claim. (Unless specifically given permission to do so by the owner of the build/claim). Also don’t claim abandoned an build for you own as they do not belong to you even if they are not claimed.

Donor Perks and Mob/Player Heads

Gathering player heads is only available to donors. Vanilla mob heads are allowed to be given to players whom are not a donor rank and may be sold/traded, non-vanilla mob heads are allowed to be given to players whom are not a donor rank though they may not be sold. Player heads are not allowed to be sold/traded between donor and non-donor ranks, however they may be passed from one donor to another.


As Wabbit Survival assigns ranks based on playtime, any form of AFKing mechanics are against our server rules. This includes any form of AFK machine (Auto fish farm, pushing yourself with pistons), client modifications that prevent AFK kicking, or abuse of in-game glitches and bugs to bypass the AFK kick.

The use of /afk to avoid death or harm is against our server rules.

Unintended Game Mechanics

 Anything that is clearly an unintended game mechanic, whether this be due to plugins or due to the game itself, is against our server rules. This includes, but is not limited to, use of /afk to avoid death, duplication, xray through game bugs. However, some actions, such as using elytra to be in a 1x1 block hole, do not cause harm or cause unfair advantage, and will not be punished unless used to do so.

Client Modifications

Client modifications that give unfair advantage are against our server rules. While these may not be hacks or cheats, mods such as auto-movement or any mod that gives unfair advantage are not allowed. 

Any cosmetic mods, such as better animations and similar mods, are allowed. Schematica is allowed, however the use of printer is not, and using it will result in a ban. Minimap mods are also fine so long as cave mode is disabled.



Membership in Wabbit Survival is free and open to everyone -- we welcome all players with a genuine interest in Friendly Survival Multiplayer Minecraft. However, membership here is a privilege. We ask that you respect our community and follow our rules; failure to do so will result in your privileges being suspended.

You are responsible for knowing, understanding and following our community's rules. If you are unsure whether something is against the rules, ask a staff person before you do it. You are responsible for all activity on your Minecraft account. If your friend, brother, parent or someone else causes your account to be banned, take it up with them.





The members of staff on the server consist of three tiers: Guides, Moderators and Admins. All members of staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have or to listen to what you have to say.

If you have any issues or aren’t sure about the rules feel free to ask a member of our staff team (Our Team) as they are there to help.

Anyone that breaks the rules will be provided a warning but if fail to start complying with the rules will be issued with a temporary/permanent ban by a member of staff.

Staff have the ability to rollback grief or stolen items but we will only do so if it is inside a land claim so make sure you claim your base/builds.




Breaking the server rules and not following warnings/instructions by members of the staff team will ultimately end up in either a Temp Ban or a Permanent Ban.

Both types of bans may be appealed under the “Ban Appeal” section on the forum and will be reviewed by a member of staff. However, there is no guarantee of the ban being lifted.


(Possible links to other pages on the website such as ban appeals and donator page, list of staff members, forum post for what mods are allowed, etc.)