Server Commands

Here you can view a full list of our server's commands, categorized by what type of command they are. Each command has a brief description attached to it.

General Commands
/help – Brings you to this page.

/check – Shows the amount of time you have spent on the server in total and how long until you achieve the next rank.

/list – Displays a list of all the online players.

/afk – Toggles your away-from-keyboard status.

/staff – Displays a list of all the online staff.

/allstaff – Displays a list of all the staff, showing which are online.

/seen [name] – Shows when a player was last online or if they are currently online. (Unlocks at the rank “Traveller”)

/namehistory [name] – Shows a list of usernames a player has had previously.

/suicide – Kills you instantly.

/givepet [name] – Gives a pet you own to another player. (It is a good idea to have the target player online and near you so if the animal is sat down, they can stand them up)

/unlockdrops [name] – Allows other players to pick up your items. WARNING: This will allow the items to burn in fire and lava and allow them to be blown up.

/report – Use our in-game reporting system if you think someone is breaking our rules.

/spawn – Teleports you to the spawn.

/tpa [name] – Sends a request to teleport to another player.

/tpahere [name] – Sends a request for a player to teleport to you.

/tpaccept – Accepts the teleport request from another player.

/tpdeny – Denies the teleport request from another player.

/back – Teleports you to the last location you teleported from.

/sethome [name] – Sets a teleport location which you can teleport to from anywhere in the world. Leaving the name blank will set the home name as “home”. When you reach higher ranks, you can set more than one home. (Ranks that gain 1 home: Adventurer, Explorer, Adept, Exalted, Grandmaster)

/home [name] – Teleports you to the target home. Leaving the name blank will either teleport you to your only home or list the homes you have if there is more than one.

/delhome [name] – Deletes the target home.

/m [name] (Message) – Sends a private message to another player.

/r (Message) – Replies to the last person you sent a message to.

/mail send [name] (Message) – Sends a Message to a player which can be sent while a player is offline.

/mail read – Shows all mail sent to you.

/mail clear – Clears your mail.

/ignore [name] – Ignores another player.

/unignore [name] – Allows you to see chat and messages from that player again.

/ignorelist – A list of all the players you are ignoring.

Veterans of the server can use ‘!’ at the start of a message to write in Vet-chat.

/claim – Makes a small claim which is centred at where you stand. Larger claims can be made using a golden Shovel.

/abandonclaim – Abandons the claim you are stood in.

/abandonallclaims – Abandons all the claims you own.

/trust [name] – Allows another player to build on your claimed land, open chests and doors and activate redstone.

/untrust [name] – Revokes all permissions a player has on the claim.

/accesstrust [name] – Allows another player to activate redstone and open doors and trap doors.

/containertrust [name] – Allows another player to access chests, furnaces and anvils. (as well as the permission for /accesstrust.)

/permissiontrust [name] – Allows another player to edit trust levels on the claim. They can only edit permission levels equal to or below their own level.

/claimslist – Lists all the claims you own, the size they are and the location. It also displays your total, used and available blocks that you can claim.

/claimexplosions – Toggles whether explosions occur on the claim.

/trapped – If you are stuck in a claim and cannot leave, using this command will teleport you outside the claim after 10 seconds. If you can build in the claim the command does NOT work.

/nick [nickname] – Changes your name in chat to a nickname. The name must be available for you to use it, otherwise the command does not work.

/wb /workbench – Shows the crafting table interface anywhere in the world.

/prefix [Prefix] – Changes the [LW] tag to a personal prefix tag. (Tier II and above)

/heads – Toggles the drops of mob and player heads. (Tier II and above)

/hat – Changes the block in-hand to your hat.

/disguise [Mob] – Changes your appearance into the specified animal or monster.

/submenu – Shows the menu for subscribers to manage cosmetics.

/fw – launches a random firework into the air.


/plot help - General command for the plot system.

/plot claim OR /plot auto - Allows you to claim the plot your are standing on OR the nearest available plot to you. The number of plots you can claim will depend upon your rank from survival.

/plot merge - Allows you to merge a plot you have connected to 1 or more of your plots. 2 plots merged next to 2 other plots can be joined to make a 2x2 of claimed plots, and at grandmaster, a 3x3 of claimed plots... crazy!

/plot clear - Clear's your plot clean of anything you previously built.

/plot delete - Clear's your plot and abandon's it, allowing someone else to claim it and allowing you to claim a new plot!

/plot add [name] - Add's a player to your plot, though they can only build when you are online.

/plot trust [name] - Add's a player to your plot, they can build at any time.

/plot remove [name] - Removes a player from add or trust.

/plot deny [name] - Deny's a player access to your plot, meaning they cannot teleport to it or walk in.

/plot undeny [name]  - Revert's /plot deny [name]

/plot list [type] - Gives a list of all the plots that you searched for.

/plot home - Takes you to your plot.

/plot visit [name] - Teleports you to someone's plot home.

/plot sethome - Sets the position of you /plot home to your location on your plot.

/plot setbiome - Sets the biome of your plot.