Undaunted Legendary Wabbit Tier I

Provides the base rewards for any Legendary Wabbit type. Below you will find the full list of perks and rewards earned as a Legendary Wabbit of this Tier.
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Legendary Wabbit Tag

Recognise yourself to the forum community that you are a Legendary Wabbit Subscriber.

Recognised as Legendary Wabbit

Have the Legendary Wabbit role and coloured name on Discord.


Legendary Wabbit Channel Creation

You will be granted permission to create your own private voice channel within the Wabbit Survival Discord Server.

You will be able to move your friends in or out of your channel at your own will.

5 Friendly Mob Disguises

/disguise as a Chicken, Pig, Cow, Rabbit or a Sheep


5 Particle Trails

Accessible from the /submenu you can have any particle effect trails following behind you. For Tier I you gain: Health, Cloud, Green, White Magic & Splash


Blocks as Hats

Most blocks in minecraft are available to be worn on your head, whether it be a beacon, fence or even a silly porkchop! Whatever your liking, there are a huge selection to choose from and you can add one to your head with /hat


Coloured Anvils

This perk allows you to use minecraft colour codes in an anvil to get wacky weapon names! Click here to check out what exactly to type before text.


Launch Fireworks

You can launch a random firework in the air from your location with /fw


Legendary Wabbit Tag

Your name is now coloured ingame to show recognision to the community that you are a Legendary Wabbit Subscriber.


Nickname Editor

You can change the appearance of your in game name on Wabbit Survival using the command /nick. You can be a bit unique with this, and change your name depending on how you're feeling, without affecting you actual MC account!



A piece of coal magically tells you the exact level of current within redstone!


Painting Switcher

Once you have placed a painting on a wall, hover your mouse over it, right click and then scroll with your mouse-wheel. Woooosh, you can easily switch through paintings this way!


Teleport Upgrade

Your teleport powers have been modified with a secret upgrade that allows you now to teleport instantly instead of that usual 5 second wait time.


Remote Workbench

You can access a remote workbench anywhere you go, just type /wb

Undaunted subscription options

(Regular) £5 Monthly

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(10% Discount) £13.50 Quarterly
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(25% Discount) £45 Annually
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Epic - £10 Monthly

Most popular!

For many, Tier II provides the optimal amount of features our Legendary Wabbit's are happy with while being priced at a comfortable amount. It is currently our most popularly chosen option and contains not only Tier I's rewards, but much more!

Check out Epic Tier II

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