Ultimate Legendary Wabbit Tier III

Here lies our most grand tier, we don't expect many of you to choose this tier, because it is made available for those whom are not only in a very comfortable financial situation, but also what they themselves, want to give back to our community server. We did our best choosing some nice additional rewards for this Tier, but we believe you are really choosing this option because you want to.
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As it says, this Legendary Wabbit tier includes the previous lower tier rewards. Be sure to check them out first.

Click here to view Tier I rewards

Custom login message
After you login to the server, a custom message will appear. How to do so will be explained here soon.

All passive mobs and baby versions
/disguise as a Bat, Iron_Golem, Mooshroom Cow, Polar Bear, Snowman, Squid, Undead_Horse & Villager.
For babies, you need to type: /disguise baby


11 Additional Particle Trails
Accessible through /submenu , legend tier III now has access to all particle effects. The additional effects are: Snow, Crit, Spell, Enchant, Slime, Snowballs, Void, Pop, Rainbow, Breath & Endrod.


Sound playback when teleporting
As it says, when you teleport somewhere within the server, a random sound will be played to you and players nearby.

Ultimate subscription options

(Regular) £20 MONTHLY

Please log in first


(10% Discount) £54 QUARTERLY

Please log in first


(25% Discount) £180 ANNUALLY

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Subscription Information

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