Subscription Information

All you need to know about Legendary Wabbit subscriptions.

Use any Fiat Currency

Paypal will automatically convert the correct amount depending on the current rates. If you want to find out how much you are paying in your currency, you can use a currency converter website like

Minecraft (EULA)

Wabbit Survival would like to declare that we follow Minecraft End User License Agreement.

In one aspect, in doing so ensures our community play together fairly and that the few that spend money out of their own pocket cannot gain a gameplay advantage over those who don't.
Legendary Wabbit's are represented as a subscriber with a name-tag, coloured Minecraft cyan and generally looks super cool. Most perks are entirely cosmetic, some to provide minor convenience to playstyle however we think those make minimal impact to other players so we think it's reasonable within Minecraft EULA.

Safer and more protected

We chose PayPal as it's a convenient way for you to send, manage payments to us securely and ensures you that in doing so our organisation doesn't retrieve any of your bank information.

We have trusted PayPal since 2012 so we could earn the ongoing funds needed to keep this community server alive and thriving up to this day. Lastly, our Legendary Wabbits are very happy having this option here for them because it's secure, safer and simpler to use.

Our Story

When Wabbit Survival was founded by Wabbitface in 2012, we first took in donations to help support the server. Ever since then we have been reworking how we receive our income for our server, however one rule we followed is that we continue to keep the quality of the server to the highest standard we can offer. That means no advertisements on our website or any jargen like that. Now our most successful and stress-free model is receiving small regular payments from our Legendary Wabbits.

Frequently Asked questions, additional info and unsubscribing

Can I make a one-off donation?
We currently have regular payments setup for the time being, however feel free to subscribe and once the payment has successfully come through, you can then cancel after.

You will continue to have Legendary Wabbit rank until the billing cycle you selected ends.

I just subscribed but nothing has changed, where is my rank?
Not to worry, if your payment has gone through it's very likely the case you haven't linked your minecraft account with your website account on

Follow the Account Linking Guide

Can I upgrade or downgrade my Tier?
Currently our website service that manages the regular payment system doesn't support the upgrade/downgrade feature as it's at a higher cost for Wabbit Survival to include that convenient service.

However if you would like to upgrade/downgrade your tier, you can do so by unsubscribing and once the current billingcycle ends, you can then re-subscribe at the Tier you would like.

Alternitively in some cases Legendary Wabbits have selected a discounted Tier because they chose to be billed Quarterly or even Annually and for them it can be a very long wait for their cycle to end. In this case, you can contact Combat Wombat server admin on discord and I am sure he will be happy to help when he next can.

What happens if I cancel my subscription while it's active?
You continue to hold your Legendary Wabbit status until the end of your current billing cycle. Simply put, cancelling ends the regular payments but it does not revoke your Legendary Wabbit status.

If canceled, your Legendary Wabbit status will only change at the end of the monthly, quarterly or annually billing cycle you orgininally selected.

Looking to unsubscribe? All you need to know inside.
Whether you are a new contributor with the intention to process a one-off donation, a regular supporter wanting to modify their Tier or perhaps you want to cancel from Legendary Wabbit then this is the place.

Firstly we want to thank you for contributing to support our server to this day, we hear from the community that our server opens up a great safe space for people to hang out, meet new people and learn new things and that has only still be going since 2012 because of Legendary Wabbits like yourself.

Below you have a few options you can decide to do from this point on.

  • Continue supporting Wabbit Survival minecraft server
  • Contact us on Discord if you have any issues or would like to inform us why you are cancelling.
The content of this section will only display if you login to the website in which your account is already linked to your ingame minecraft account.

Are you a new Legendary Wabbit that hasn't seen your ingame rank change? Account Linking Guide

I don't have all my perks, did I do something wrong?

Not at all. If you have the [LW] tag next to your name the subscription was a success. You are likely just on the incorrect server. All the perks currently listed are on survival and we have not had the time yet to add them to our other servers. If you still do not have access to a perk, contact a staff member or admin directly.

Legendary Wabbit subscriber statistics

Percentage of: Subsciber distribution & Tier Contribution in the last 12 months. Updated on 04/Feb/2018
Subscriber distribution amongst different Tiers
  • Undaunted 40% 40%
  • Epic 60% 60%
  • Ultimate 0% 0%
Source of total monitary contributions
  • Undaunted 23.3% 23.3%
  • Epic 76.7% 76.7%
  • Ultimate 0% 0%