Epic Legendary Wabbit Tier II

Our community think Epic Tier II contains the optimal amount of features our Legendary Wabbit's are happy with. While being priced at a comfortable amount, this is our most popularly chosen option and includes Tier I's rewards and much more!
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As it says, this Legendary Wabbit tier includes the previous lower tier rewards. Be sure to check them out first.

Click here to view Tier I rewards

11 Additional Particle Trails
Accessible from the /submenu Tier II will offer the following: Angry, Magic, Colors, Witch, Magic, Ender, Spark, Flame, Music, Water & Lava.


5 additional mob disguises
/disguise as a Donkey, horse, mule, ocelot & wolf


The ability to drop heads from players, friendly and hostile entities that wouldn't otherwise be possible in Vanilla Minecraft.

Custom Legend Tag
Type /prefix and you can customise your LW (Legendary Wabbit) tag of up to 12 characters long.

Cooking Pots
This is improved functionality of automating cooking. We are taking another look into whether this is violating the Minecraft EULA.
Instructions on how to use this are still to be added here


Hidden Switches
Cool feature in which you can add invisible switches, when setup you can punch a configured block of your choosing and it will activate redstone. Great for hidden doors. Again another thing we are taking another look into for violating Minecraft EULA
Instructions on how to use this are still to be added here


These crazy gates actually function similar to the new structure blocks but are a plugin alternative. To put it simply, you select a certain range of blocks that you use as your gate and when the specific [gate] block sign is activated, the gate vanishes in thin air until the block is powered off.
Instructions on how to use this are still to be added here

Epic subscription options

(Regular) £10 Monthly

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(10% Discount) £27 Quarterly

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(25% Discount) £90 Annually

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Ultimate - £20 Monthly

Here lies our most grand tier, we don't expect many of you to choose this tier, because it is made available for those whom are not only in a very comfortable financial situation, but also what they themselves, want to give back to our community server. We did our best choosing some nice additional rewards for this Tier, but we believe you are really choosing this option because you want to.

Check out Ultimate Tier III

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