The community, everyone is so helpful and welcoming. There are the regular players that chat away in the chat space which makes me feel really excited to come online and chat with them again. All the staff are always there to help and listen. I sometimes ask for something that needs fixing with worry that they won't have the time but every problem I have come across they have fixed really quickly. I just love this server because of the friendly nature and family feeling it has.

~ Glowstonegirl85 / Player

The community is lovely, and the server has good plug-ins to keep us focused on community building and personal projects. Between shopping, the numerous games that players build (parkours and whatnot), and building there are a lot of different ways to play - I focus on shopping and building. For me, I'm indebted to the server because it allows me to keep in touch with real life people who are important to me even though I live far away.

~ anonymous / Player

The main reason I still play on Wabbit Survival is that I always enjoy coming on for a while, because the players are so kind, and it's a break from the other server I play on. The kind and friendly players are my favourite part of this server.

~ AntZaro / Player

Most of all, I enjoy the cherished friendly atmosphere here at Wabbit. The staff are eager to help out whenever a problem arises. They are always trying to improve the server and listen to player ideas in the forums. I have remained a steady user of the server because I feel as though I am a part of a family here. The main reason I still play on Wabbit Survival is there are many friendly people here whom I desire to see every day.

~ Magnicat / Player

The best aspect about Wabbit Survival is going from the ”you guys” to the ”we, or us” phenomenon. When you first join up with any group you feel out of place, alone, and isolated. It’s the natural way of things, but when that one defining moment comes when you finally feel comfortable and involved enough to start referring to the group as a whole, including yourself, it makes the first date jitters all the more worth it. Never has this happened so quickly for me as it has on Wabbit Survival.

~ jordanonalot / Player

If you are looking for a friendly, reasonable, and fair Minecraft server with easy to understand rules, then you’ve come to the right place. Wabbit Survival Server is filled with helpful, active staff, who will be there to help you at any and every step of the way. Besides the amazing staff, there are always a bunch of active, and friendly players of all ages online. If by this point you’re still looking for a reason all I can say is join us, and give it a try. The introduction alone, and our warm, sincere welcomes should convince you. Search no more for a friendly Minecraft survival server, for Wabbit Survival is here!

~ Harlequin / Player

Finding an easy to understand, friendly, helpful, and supportive place to enjoy Minecraft with friends is as easy as typing in ”friendly minecraft server” into Google. The first result has a funny name (”Wabbitface”? Well, okay…), and after going through the introduction and gained access, I was quickly hooked. The staff is amazingly helpful and quick to respond. The chat is friendly, and there is always someone around to trade with. I feel safe letting my kids play on their own without me, and really, that’s the selling point.

~ girlonbooks / Player

Minecraft Survival - Legendary Wabbit

Information regarding Legendary Wabbit Subscriptions and the payment method service we use can be found below

First of all, becoming a Legendary Wabbit is fantastic. Especially while joining a leading group of extraordinary people. Our Legendary Wabbit Tiers are specifically catered to those who are comfortable spending a regular amount on a frequent basis.

For Wabbit's who wish to offer different levels of assistance, we provide a simple range of options.

But first we like to share a massive thank you for those supporting our Minecraft Community Server! As a result, we reward our Legendary Wabbits with cosmetic perks that make them feel more recognised in our server. Below you will find a big range of perks that have been allocated across three tiers of subscription amounts.

Additionally, keep in mind that each tier contains the perks from the lower tier starting from Tier I. 

I use a different currency, will it convert the difference?

Yeah that is precisely it, you can use your countries currency through your PayPal account, and Paypal will automatically convert the correct amount depending on the current rates. If you want to find out how much you are paying in your currency, you can use a currency converter website like

Can I unsubscribe whenever I want? Will it cancel my legend rank immediately?

Yes you can unsubscribe through your PayPal account on their official website, if you are logged in and viewing this page, an unsubscribe button will appear below this text. After unsubscribing/cancelling your scheduled payments, you will keep your current Legendary status until the end of your current billing cycle.

PayPal Logo

We at Wabbit Survival, use PayPal to receive payments securely. One reason is this makes it more convenient for you, to manage payments amongst other scheduled payments. Another reason is that through this transaction model, our organisation doesn't retrieve any of your bank information.

Furthermore, we have trusted PayPal for the last 5 years so we could earn the money needed to keep this community server alive and thriving. And lastly of all, our Legendary Wabbits are very happy having this option here for them because it's secure, safer and simpler to use.


Credit Card Badges  

Please note we adhere to Mojang EULA, which states the following that we:

Do not sell non-cosmetic items or pets that affect gameplay

Do not sell in-game currency used to purchase non-cosmetic items

Do not have gameplay elements of the server accessible only to paying players, including personal land plots

Do not sell experience or item "boosters" that affect only the purchasing player

Do not use Minecraft art assets in the server store

Provide a purchase history or contact details for players regarding purchases

Include the company or individual that the money is going to, or pretending to be or be affiliated with Mojang

Legendary Wabbit Tier I


The first tier option, it provides the base rewards for any Legendary Wabbit type. You can click 'VIEW REWARDS' below to find out the full list of perks and rewards earned as a Legendary Wabbit of this Tier.


Please log in first

(10% Discount)

Please log in first

(25% Discount)

Please log in first


Tier I includes the following rewards:

5 Friendly Mob Disguises

/disguise as a Chicken, Pig, Cow, Rabbit or a Sheep

5 Particle Trails

Accessible from the /submenu you can have any particle effect trails following behind you. For Tier I you gain: Health, Cloud, Green, White Magic & Splash

Blocks as Hats

Most blocks in minecraft are available to be worn on your head, whether it be a beacon, fence or even a silly porkchop! Whatever your liking, there are a huge selection to choose from and you can add one to your head with /hat

Nickname Editor

You can change the appearance of your in game name on Wabbit Survival using the command /nick. You can be a bit unique with this, and change your name depending on how you're feeling, without affecting you actual MC account!

Coloured Anvils

This perk allows you to use minecraft colour codes in an anvil to get wacky weapon names! Click here to check out what exactly to type before text.

Launch Fireworks

You can launch a random firework in the air from your location with /fw


A piece of coal magically tells you the exact level of current within redstone!

Painting Switcher

Once you have placed a painting on a wall, hover your mouse over it, right click and then scroll with your mouse-wheel. Woooosh, you can easily switch through paintings this way!

Teleport Upgrade

Your teleport powers have been modified with a secret upgrade that allows you now to teleport instantly instead of that usual 5 second wait time.

Workbench Command /wb or /workbench

You can access a remote workbench anywhere you go, just type /wb

Teamspeak Channel

Once subscribed, simply ask an admin for a channel.



Legendary Wabbit Tier II

(Most Popular)

Due to this tier having the optimal amount of features our Legendary Wabbit's are happy with, and being priced at a comfortable amount. This is our most popularly chosen option. This Tier contains Tier I's rewards, as well as what is listed below in 'VIEW REWARDS' of this Tier.


Please log in first

(10% Discount)

Please log in first

(25% Discount)

Please log in first


Tier II includes the following rewards:

All Tier I rewards

As it says, this Legendary Wabbit tier includes the previous lower tier rewards. Be sure to check them out first.

11 Additional Particle Trails

Accessible from the /submenu Tier II will offer the following: Angry, Magic, Colors, Witch Magic, Ender, Spark, Flame, Music, Water & Lava.

5 additional mob disguises

/disguise as a Donkey, horse, mule, ocelot & wolf

Cooking Pots

This is improved functionality of automating cooking. We are taking another look into whether this is violating the Minecraft EULA.
Instructions on how to use this are still to be added here

Hidden Switches

Cool feature in which you can add invisible switches, when setup you can punch a configured block of your choosing and it will activate redstone. Great for hidden doors. Again another thing we are taking another look into for violating Minecraft EULA
Instructions on how to use this are still to be added here


The ability to drop heads from players, friendly and hostile entities that wouldn't otherwise be possible in Vanilla Minecraft.

Custom Legend Tag

Type /prefix and you can customise your LW (Legendary Wabbit) tag of up to 12 characters long.


These crazy gates actually function similar to the new structure blocks but are a plugin alternative. To put it simply, you select a certain range of blocks that you use as your gate and when the specific [gate] block sign is activated, the gate vanishes in thin air until the block is powered off.
Instructions on how to use this are still to be added here



Legendary Wabbit Tier III

Here lies our most grand tier, we don't expect many of you to choose this tier, because it is made available for those whom are not only in a very comfortable financial situation, but also what they themselves, want to give back to our community server. We did our best choosing some nice additional rewards for this Tier, but we believe you are really choosing this option because you want to.


Please log in first

(10% Discount)

Please log in first

(25% Discount)

Please log in first


Tier III includes the following rewards:

All Tier II rewards

As it says, this Legendary Wabbit tier includes the previous lower tier rewards. Be sure to check them out first.

All passive mobs and baby versions

/disguise as a Bat, Iron_Golem, Mooshroom Cow, Polar Bear, Snowman, Squid, Undead_Horse & Villager.
For babies, you need to type: /disguise <mob> baby

11 Additional Particle Trails

Accessible through /submenu , legend tier III now has access to all particle effects. The additional effects are: Snow, Crit, Spell, Enchant, Slime, Snowballs, Void, Pop, Rainbow, Breath & Endrod.

Sound playback when teleporting

As it says, when you teleport somewhere within the server, a random sound will be played to you and players nearby.

Custom login message

After you login to the server, a custom message will appear. How to do so will be explained here soon.



When you choose to subscribe, you are choosing to help out the server by contributing to server costs. While we decided not to call this a donation due to the benefits you receive as a result, the gesture remains the same. All ranks are subject to change, and any abuse of them will also result in them being taken away from you. While we are incredibly grateful, contributing via subscription does not give you any sort of superiority or preferential treatment over non-subscribers, you remain equal with your peers, subject to the same rules, as well as those extra rules only relevant to subscribers. Despite this being a voluntary gift to the server, if you change your mind within 30 days of subscribing, or are less than half way through your current billing period, whichever one is shorter, we may provide you a partial or full refund (depending on our analysis of your circumstances), leading to an immediate termination of your benefits. Cancellations over halfway through your billing period, or after 30 days, will not yield a return of funds, and your benefits will continue until the end of the billing period, at which point you will be returned to ordinary status, but not charged again. You also agree to our Terms of Service when subscribing through the website.

Terms of Service