Become a Legendary Wabbit

Join a leading group of extraordinary people supporting our server to keep it alive and thriving. But first we like to share a massive thank you for those supporting our Minecraft Community Server! As a result, we reward our Legendary Wabbits with cosmetic perks that make them feel more recognised in our server.

Below you will find a big range of perks that have been allocated across three tiers of subscription amounts which are specifically catered to those who are comfortable spending a regular amount on a frequent basis.

For reassurance, if you are considering the second or third tier based on perks alone, they additionally contain the perks from their predecessor.

We at Wabbit Survival, use PayPal to receive payments securely. One reason is this makes it more convenient for you, to manage payments amongst other scheduled payments. Another reason is that through this transaction model, our organisation doesn't retrieve any of your bank information. Furthermore, we have trusted PayPal since we started up the server in 2012 so we could earn the money needed to keep this community server alive and thriving up to this day. And lastly of all, our Legendary Wabbits are very happy having this option here for them because it's secure, safer and simpler to use. 

Undaunted - £5 Monthly

The first tier option that provides a handful of fun cosmetic perks
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Epic - £10 Monthly

Most popular!

For many, Tier II provides the optimal amount of features our Legendary Wabbit's are happy with while being priced at a comfortable amount. It is currently our most popularly chosen option and contains not only Tier I's rewards, but much more!

Check out Epic

Ultimate - £20 Monthly

Here lies our most grand tier, we don't expect many of you to choose this tier, because it is made available for those whom are not only in a very comfortable financial situation, but also what they themselves, want to give back to our community server. We did our best choosing some nice additional rewards for this Tier, but we believe you are really choosing this option because you want to.

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Subscription Information

Want to learn more about the service we use? Some statistics or even if you want to modify your subscription.