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Current Staff Members

aHumbleTreeJunior Moderator
chrissyislameJunior Moderator
DrizdorfJunior Moderator
MykeasaurusJunior Moderator
netshuffleJunior Moderator
Sir_MaiJunior Moderator
TheDankestMattJunior Moderator
Warm_WafflesJunior Moderator

This is our first staff rank. These wonderful people will often be your first port of call! They moderate chat, report anything they find suspicious, and can inspect and report your grief and issues. Don't be fooled though, just because they're at the first staff rank does not mean they hold any less authority. Staff decisions are final and absolute. They are there to help you all get along, so listen to what they have to say and let them sort things out! They are light purple in game, and their rank precedes their player rank, without replacing it.

Chiefs get things done. They will roll back grief, ban offenders, warn rule breakers and bang heads together when the going gets tough. There for your protection, and wield considerable power to resolve situations. They are dark purple coloured in game.

These are our senior staff members. They have proved themselves time and time again to be hugely dedicated to the community, helping players and they keep a level and sensible head at all times. They have the penultimate say in all matters (beyond the administration team), and are the go to people to finally solve disputes and issues. They have a much higher workload, and are involved in organising other members of staff as well as staffing the server, so make a Chief or a Guide your first port of call if there is one available! In game they are a light red colour.

Managers are the administration team. They run the show, so to speak. It's best to ask other staff members for help first, as Managers are often busy even when on the server, though more often than not they able to help you anyway! Less involved these days in the day to day staffing of the server, they administer the server for issues and technical problems, wield extra debugging and problem solving powers in game and create new features for the server, including our own systems for automatically upgrading our subscribers, and a number of custom in-game features. They are dark red in game. Wabbitface also owns the gig (you might be able to tell from the name!), and together they try to make your time here at Wabbit Survival the best it possibly can be.