Membership in Wabbit Survival is free and open to everyone -- we welcome all players with a genuine interest in Friendly Survival Multiplayer Minecraft. However, membership here is a privilege. We ask that you respect our community and follow our rules; failure to do so will result in your privileges being suspended. 


You are responsible for knowing, understanding and following our community's rules. If you are unsure whether something is against the rules, ask a staff person before you do it. You are responsible for all activity on your Minecraft account. If your friend, brother, parent or someone else causes your account to be banned, take it up with them.


Chat and Communication Rules

Treat each other as friends, and don't use language or actions that take away from another's gaming experience.

Don't use profanity, racism/discrimination, insults, off-colour topics, and language meant to get at the same idea.

Chat is for legitimate in-game discussion. Don't post comments that interfere with the conversation.

We do not allow the use of Minechat. We disallow this because this can be used as an AFK mechanic to keep your account logged in to gain playtime and we feel you should be actively playing. Exception: Staff members in an emergency, not for general use.

Don't post names, IP Adresses, or links for other servers, games/YouTube channels or anything of the like.

The majority of our playerbase is English speaking however alternative languages through private messaging is totally fine with us.

Non-Chat related Rules

Don't enter another player's area if marked private or if asked to leave. Some players prefer to play on their own or with friends they trust and for some, trust needs to be earned. However it's fine to ask to be invited to a players home if you want to check out what others have built.

Don't take any item not clearly marked as free or public even from builds that looked abandoned. It's best if you farm and gather from generated content within the map provided.

Don't kill other players, their pets/animals, or any name tagged mob.

Don't use hacked clients, mods, bugs, exploits or unintended gameplay mechanics for an in-game advantage. (Including, but not limited to xray, Nodus Client, item duplication etc)

Don't damage other players creations or break blocks that weren't naturally spawned. Pranks or prank griefing/alteration of another person's build is NOT allowed. As an additional note, if you take other players crops and replant, you won't get into any trouble unless of course you are trespassing.

Wabbit Survival is a diverse, friendly Minecraft server. Communicating with your fellow players is an important part of connecting with our community. We are proud to have players of all ages and from many different countries and beliefs. Keep the conversation civil and appropriate for everyone. If you have a disagreement with another player or are uncomfortable with their comments, notify a staff member.

Staff have discretion to decide if a player or conversation is inappropriate or disruptive.


You can report to a staff member in game or make a report on the forums