In Game Reporting

The Wabbit server management proudly present to you a brand new, custom built, in game reporting system where your problems and concerns go straight to wabbit staff (or wabbit management in the case of a staff abuse issue) so that we can resolve the grief, the cheating, or the abuse quicker and more efficiently!  Use the step-by-step instructions on this page to create, complete, and send off your own reports to wabbit staff. Warning: This system is for actual reports only. Abuse of the system will result in the revocation of your usage privileges.

How to make a report

Introduction to Reporting: Accessing help

Within your game’s chat window (open with t by default) type the command /report help. This is the basic command and will be the first half of all the other commands you use in a report. By using the /report help command you’ll see a display of all the different commands you might need in the process of making a report. rep_help  

Gathering your information

When something happens that you need to report, you should first think it through. You must gather some information and record it: make a note, text yourself, or something else.  For example, who committed the crime? When did it happen? What did happen?  Know what it is you will report. In our example, it will be as follows:

  • Player: Pegasusdream
  • Date: Friday the 13th
  • Time: 3:00PM in the CST time zone
  • Crime: removing all the quartz in the world

Getting Started: Creating a new Report

With the information in hand, it’s time to start: First you will need the new report command: /report newUpon entering this command, your chat screen will change. This is because of the way the reporting system works, you will be temporarily removed from the regular server chat system. But the beauty of this is that all you have to do is answer questions in your chat window, like you’re chatting with the server itself. No need to enter more commands.begin_report Your chat screen will now begin asking you questions about the crime.  Remember all the information you gathered? Now it’s time to use it. 

Remember, you can use the command /rep cancel at any time if you change your mind about making the report.

Step One: Are you reporting someone?

The first question the Reporting system will ask is “WHO” step_one If you do not remember the name of the player in question simply type no and move on. If you can remember even a portion of that player’s name, try typing it in.  For example our criminal’s name started with pegasus, but I don’t remember the rest, so I just type in ‘Pegasus’ in the chat window and it gives me these options: step_one_names So I complete the name of the crook: pegasusdream.  Now we’re getting somewhere.

As you can see in the screenshot above, if you typed the wrong thing, or need to be more specific, you may type "#" to search again. If your report does not apply to any particular player (or you don't know who it applies to, say if you've been griefed) you may also type "no" to continue.

Step Two: Select a category

The Next step is to state the crime in the report. step_two Pegasus’s theft of all the quartz in the entire world qualifies as theft first, but also is grief, so we’ll go with option 1: grief. step_two_confirm Confirm the crime and then it’s off to the next step.

(Note that it is at this step that you would note if your report was related to a staff member. Report Category #7 indicates that it is a staff issue and will send the report only to the highest staff level)

Step Three: Write your report

Now that the player and the crime have both been indicated in the report, your next step is to explain what happened.  In short sentences tell the story and when it all happened.  And be thorough, please! This is the part where you explain it all and is the most important part of the report. step_three  Each time you type add, you then type your message. You must then type it again to add another section. Each time you add, your new section is tagged onto the end of the previous bit, so please use full stops, or force new lines using "%n%" to correctly format your text.

Step Four: Location

Finally, it is extremely helpful for staff to know where something happened. In step 4, we give you the opportunity to give us the coordinates of the event. Even if you are only within a few dozen blocks, anything here is helpful.  X coordinate, then Y coordinate, then Z coordinate and you’re almost done. step_four

You can just type "here" if you are at the location of the broken rule you are reporting, and it will use your current position.

Finalising your report: Check your info and confirm

Now that you have given us all of your information, we give you one last opportunity to cancel the whole report.  If you suddenly have doubts or have changed your mind about the report this is your last opportunity to not send it. Otherwise, type "submit" to submit it and you’re done! That’s it, finally finished.  You’ll now see on your screen all of the details of your report and you can confirm that it has all been submitted correctly. Specifically note the Report #, a six character code that will help you and the staff keep track of what reports are what. Report Exit

That’s All! Thanks!

We staff sincerely hope that you will never find a need of using this reporting system. Either because there is always a staff present when you need one (always our goal) or because staff manage to never disappoint you with our conduct and leadership. However, if the need ever arises and you do need to let us know something important, especially if it is confidential in any way, we are glad to give you the ability and opportunity to do so.