Forum Rules and Etiquette

Wabbit Survival is a diverse, friendly Minecraft server. Communicating with your fellow players is an important part of connecting with our community. We are proud to have players of all ages and from many different countries and beliefs. Keep the conversation civil and appropriate for everyone.

  1. Be polite and treat each other as friends. No flaming, hatred, racism, discrimination, or the like.
  2. You can have a disagreement without having a fight. If you have an issue with another player or a staff member, just explain the problem. Don't make things, or take things, personal.
  3. For privacy reasons, please do not post appeals on social media, asking within the server, through TeamSpeak and any other means outside the ban appeal section of this website.
  4. Do not create spam topics such as multiple ban disputes, multiple threads about one video, etc. Try to keep related posts to a single thread.
  5. Do not create multiple posts in a thread before another user replies. Instead, simply edit your last post before the next user posts their comment.
  6. Before posting to the Suggestions forum, read through the previous topics to see if your idea has already been discussed. Keep in mind the simple survival ethic of our server.
  7. Enjoy yourself! Post your thoughts and questions on the game in the General Discussion forum. We love to see screenshots and videos of your creations and adventures on the server. Use the Off Topic forum to discuss music, movies, your new computer, forum games, and anything else within reason.

Staff have discretion to remove any post determined to be inappropriate.
Abuse of forum privileges will result in a ban from the server.