The shop chest plugin is live! How-to's, rules and Info are all in here!




- First you will need a chest, a sign, the item you are giving away and the item you want others to pay.

- Place the chest in the desired location. You will need an empty block next to it for the sign, and one above for the display items.

- Place the sign on the front of the chest. This is the part where you need to use it exactly as written here:

The first line of the sign MUST say "[shop]". The second line MUST be a number 1 or above, this is the number of items you are giving away. EG: giving 3 eggs, so you put "3". The Third line MUST also be a number 1 or above, this is the number of items you want others to pay with. EG: paying 2 iron, so you put "2". The fourth line MUST say "barter". Then click done.


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- Now you want to hit the sign with the first item, which is the item you are giving away, in this example, hitting with an egg. The second item is done in the same way and is the item you want people to pay with. This should complete the shop. Then fill the chest with all you stock! (Leave 1 slot empty for the payments!)

Example of what you should see upon completion:

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- To buy from a shop, hit the sign and this should cause the trade to occur. If there is no stock, no room for payment, or the buyer hasn't got enough to pay, the trade will not occur. When the owner is online, he/she can see the transaction occur in chat.


rules and Info:

- As stated in the Shopping District rules, the maximum number of trades is currently 16. This might change should we notice people need more trades, but for now will remain at this number. Exceeding this limit might result in a warning and possibly the removal of your shop.

- Should a player "accidentally" click the sign and perform a trade, it is up to the person who did this to go to the shop owner. It is then up to the shop owner on if they wish to refund you or not. Staff will not force anyone to refund people.

- Enchanted books that have various enchants to the one you hit the sign with will NOT be bought/payed with. This is due to the NBT data, but you can trade the same kind of enchant. EG: Only Sharp V in a Sharp V trade.

- Some "admin" shops will appear soon to trade things like orange terracotta into normal terracotta. These are shops that have infinite stock, but the items cannot be refunded, as the pay item is deleted. More info on these will be added later on discord in #trading.

- Normal rules like "Don't re-sell bought items" still apply, including changing compound blocks (like diamond blocks) into their ingot equivalent, (like diamonds). You are also not allowed to give the item to someone else to sell if you bought it from a shop.

- Other types of trade like "Buy" and "Sell" using the 'server currency' and disabled. The "Gamble" function is also disabled.


That is all, happy trading!