Starting off with our detailed map changes.

With our recent announcement, excitement and confusion is in the air.  Therefore we will share detailed map changes and clear up some of your questions.

We have been working very hard on the new map to make improvements to many aspects of the game.  Some you may like these changes and other changes you may not, but we will try to explain our reasons and hope you at least give it a shot.

From the first few Wabbit maps to our current map, we have seen play-styles drastically change over the years.  We see players build massive bases with everything on hand, getting overpowered and bored too quickly. We are also no longer a small server with a few players and members of staff.  Instead we have grown exponentially and we have been struggling to keep pace with issues from hardware to staff.  For these reasons we are going to be making some dramatic changes to the new Wabbit world.  The following below, are our detailed map changes:

Grief Prevention


For many reasons, we realise that we will never be able to find the right balance of staff vs players.  We have always taken the approach that we will fix problems “if” they happen and when the server saw perhaps 10 players max per day this was not really a problem.  Grief was uncommon and the small community was patient enough to wait until staff could assist.  Now the number of players we see per day dwarfs that number and grief is a daily occurrence.  For this reason we are switching to 'Grief prevention' or as most people refer to it as 'land claim'.  Most of you probably know what it is and I know you are all more interested in how much land you can have available to claim and how to acquire more claim blocks, so here we go.

There are two types of claim allowance.
  • Accrued - New players will start with 100 blocks and as you play you will acquire 100 blocks per hour until you reach a cap of 256,000.
  • Bonus blocks - These are blocks you acquire by participating in other activities on the server.  Currently that will be voting which will give you 5 blocks per vote, per day (we will have links in-game for you) which can currently net you 20 blocks per day (with 4 sites).  There will also be a vote stretch goal for when you vote a certain amount of times and as a result you will earn a larger bonus.
    There is no cap on this type of blocks allowance and this will be above and beyond the accrued allowance.

Exact numbers will be put on the website somewhere later, so you can have a better look at the targets.  Potentially we also could have events or competitions with claim blocks as a prize.

For those that have already ranked up, your accrued blocks will be given to you retroactively.  You will not have to start from scratch at the beginning as a new player.  As we have never done anything like this before we will be monitoring and possibly adjusting these numbers if we find players are legitimately struggling.


We will only be keeping 2 weeks worth of logs.  This is only a very small window to be able to fix grief if you have built-in an unclaimed area.   We will be encouraging you to work within your land claim as much as possible.  


It’s back!!!!  Many players were upset when we had to remove this feature.  It was removed because we had too many fights and upset players when inventories would get mixed up after a kill.  It was why we moved it to a location where we could control your inventory without it impacting your survival play.

You will not be forced to participate in pvp as you will be able to '/pvp on' and '/pvp off'.  If you do though, the grief prevention plugin will protect your inventory when you die.  While you will still have to return to retrieve your stuff, you can be assured that no other player can collect or destroy your items.  If you find you are unable to get back to your items before they despawn, you can use '/UnlockDrops' and have someone there pick them up for you.  This will only work for that death and if you should happen to die again, your stuff will again be safe from looting.


It’s also back . . . . . but be warned.  Abuse of this will see it removed.  

The grief prevention plugin has restrictions on where it can be used so players can not grief and leave huge holes on the map.  This is only to be used for mining out large areas and any players caught using it for anything we feel is inappropriate will be warned and possibly banned if they continue to ignore staff warnings.  We really hope our players can be mature about this and use with caution.  

Random Teleporter

We have avoided using these in the past, as we did not want players warping into random players bases.  With the grief prevention plugin and improvements over time, we no longer have to worry about this and it's now easier than ever to find a new place to settle.

The random teleporter can teleport one or many players to the same random point.  It will try to find a location at least 100 blocks from any build and it can put you anywhere on the map.  If, one day, it should put someone in a protected base, it will cancel that teleport and try another location.  Alternatively you can also use '/trapped' command, and it will put your outside the claim area.

Silk Spawners


We (and by we I mean Ben :p) are currently working on a custom version of silk spawners that we can adapt and evolve as we need it.  

When we were just a small server this was a fantastic aaddition but, now that we have a lot more players, we are starting to have issues.  Over the years players have been creating larger and more elaborate mob grinders and now we are starting to see it impacting the server in ways we never could imagine.  

Our plan is to create a version where you will still be able to move and create mob grinders, but within limits more in line with survival Minecraft. As of now, it is still in development

Our End Goals
  • Spawners will remain in their natural environment.  No more skeleton spawners in the nether or blaze spawners in the overworld.  Items such as blaze rods and nether stars will become endgame items for those with the wealth or skill to acquire them.
  • No more mass grinders.  There will be a limit to how many spawners can be in close proximity to each other.  Something like 5 to 10.

What this means, for now, is that we have a very basic shell.  You will still be able to silk a spawner like before, but you can currently only put it back down in its original location.  If you are not sure where that is, the coordinates will be in the item tool-tip (info when you hover over the item).  When Ben gets a chance to play with it more, we will announce in more detail what the end product will be.  

Large grinders such as the end farms will still be a viable option for mass grinding to earn experience as we have had in the past.

World generation

This map, we decided to change it up a little. We have gone with a Custom Generator which you may have seen clips of in the teaser trailer.  The new map has also been fully rendered so we should not have any of the lag that we experienced last time when players spread out like fire ants looking for sugar.  

The terrain is all new, amazing and a little bit bonkers at the same time.  It has also added some new dungeons, structures as well as the normal 1.10 structures so you may find some unlocked and hidden chests with loot to take.  It is time to come out of the caves we have all been hiding in and start exploring.  


When we loaded the map, we realised it had focused on land terrain more than deep water oceans which means . . . . no water temples . . . . but never fear.  Ben has managed to find atlantis and all is saved . . . . sort of.  

Atlantis is a full water world, and while I am going to leave most of it as a surprise, it will not be somewhere you can go immediately.  Atlantis is a very dangerous place with incredibly deep water, and before you venture out, it will require you to be prepared and equipped with some new custom items.  The water is so deep that dying there would make retrieving your items impossible without back up equipment and potions.  

The Nether

The nether has also been put through a terrain generator and is not much like we are used to.  No more ceiling for players to worry about and some quite spectacular views.  Good luck exploring the Nether!

New joiners introduction and adventure

Our first joiners will now initially spawn on a smaller island, they will be advised to board the ship or, to skip the adventure entirely. We kept the ship adventure the same, however it now crashes at a new site on the spawn island, taking the survivor through a jungle and into caves. There,  they will be greeted and provided the full list of server rules in which they will be required to accept that they understand them, and the consequences if they break these rules before proceeding.

What follows is a tutorial section for Minecraft beginners,  we find there is a small percentage of first joiners that have never played on a Minecraft Server before, so unlike single player we provide a helpful start to prepare them for their time on our server.

This path ends right at the warp hall, doing so had allowed us to improve the user friendliness of our introduction to get players where they want to be. We hope they won't be getting lost anymore as a result.

Legend Subscriber ranks (our legendary wabbits)

We simplified our legend rank system so one choice needs to be made of three tiers that are available to choose from, we found that some of the ranks were too similar and with not much variation making it difficult for someone to pick what they want. So the tiers are £5, £10 and £20 per month.

For those who are still currently subscribed, if you happen to not be paying the same as the options above, we will add the additional perks from the next tier up while you still pay the same amount you have always paid until you cancel.

For a full list of the perks please visit our support page.

Shopping District

There will be no shopping district at the beginning of the map and due to how much work it creates for staff, it may not return.  Instead we will be trying something different so that players can create and manage something of their own.

By popular demand, you will now be able to create 8 shop chests in the over-world.  Develop your own shopping area in your community or you can work with friends to create a shopping hub somewhere in the world.

We will be watching how this develops to determine if a shopping area is required later, but we really hope to reduce shopping district management for members of staff.

Custom recipes - Elytra

Ben has done some more of his magic to allow us to make more elaborate recipes. Those that have ever played modded Minecraft, may get the idea.  We are using this exclusively for custom recipes not in vanilla Minecraft, such as those for Atlantis and elytra.  We wanted these to require skill and patience rather than wealth.  

Atlantis - This has two custom recipes ready to go and can only be used in Atlantis.  There is an in-game book available for the recipes, however the ancient Atlanteans texts are mysterious and obscure.   Half the challenge will be deciphering them.  One appears to be some sort of breathing apparatus and the other, some sort of ancient building tool.

Elytra - While not yet finalised, the recipe for elytra will include several steps more befitting, considering the skill and risk players have to undertake to find one naturally.  It will not be ready on launch day but when it is available we will make another announcement.  

Temporary Server Reset Countdown Room

So during our time up to the point of map reset, we will have this server available, if our current main server is down for the changeover, you will be redirected here.

It should provide a cool place to hangout with other players and hold a countdown timer in the center of the room. When the countdown hits zero, it will kick everyone out and the next time players join, it will be on the new server map.

Map Reset Countdown Room detailed map changes

Map Reset Countdown Room

Even though we provided detailed map changes, I am sure there is probably some information missing, some questions still unanswered and unforeseen issues that will pop up, but we will try our best to make this a smooth transition.  Feel free to ask your questions and leave feedback on the forum and we hope to see you there on launch day.