First up, what is Wabbit Survival?

A survival gamemode-type Minecraft mutliplayer server that provides the closest feel to a 'vanilla minecraft', that being similar to how you would play singleplayer but with other players around the world!

We try our best to be as close as we can to Vanilla, we often find running a multiplayer survival server does come with a few challenges such as everyone spawning in the center of the world, or even moderating capabilities. So we as a server we choose to run plugins to provide a better experience for our playerbase to make the server, semi-vanilla.

Getting Started

Joining Wabbit Survival for the first time and proceeding through the introduction area

Undergoing Reconstruction (Releasedate TBD)

Adventure stage (Part I)

Entering server rules and information sequence

The introduction area for our server exists entirely to allow players to slowly adjust themselves to their surroundings and how the server works. Right from the start you have an option of two paths:

  • One path taking you through an adventure on a boat to spawn Island. There you will interact with NPC's, scene changes and various short-lived events giving you a slightly more rich experience on your first experiences with our server.
  • The other path is simply there if you want to skip this adventure section as you may want to get building as soon as possible.

Both of these paths take you to the beginning of Part II of the introduction area

Rules and Server information stage (Part II)

Entering server rules and information sequence

Initially you will notice large banners listing the server rules. To ensure you have a great experience at Wabbit Survival, we ask you to give these a good read through. If you have any questions at all, you can always hit us up on discord.

At the end of the rules section you will be presented by an NPC blocking your path, not to worry though. Simply read what he has to say and you should be well informed how to proceed.

Furthermore, the following section includes a basic Minecraft tutorial, so if you happen to be new to minecraft, you will find this area very useful. However like most players we imagine, you can feel free to  proceed right through. Once you make your way to the end of the caves, you will have officially entered Wabbit Survival for the first time and may be greated by the community!

Spawn Island

You finally made it! Welcome to spawn island. What now?

So you've probably received a warm welcome, you can chat, your rank has changed however you're now faced with an unfamilliar cave with many things inside.

Random Teleporter

Random Teleporter is a device that will send you somewhere within the survival world. Hopefully you land in a good spot to start your first home. Once you found a good place, make sure to /sethome as that will garantee you will never lose that location ever again. If you are lost in the world, you can always use /spawn to return to Spawn Island, or /home to return home.

Four warp locations, North, East, South and West.

They will take you to pre-set locations within the world, although they will garantee you be playing closely to other players, it may be difficult to find a good spot for you to build your home.

Wabbit Survival IP Address

Type the following IP address into your game client in add server section

In case you haven't installed the game in order to access our server, click below to download Minecraft from the official website.