Spleef Server you say?

Hey everyone, we have quite a big announcement for you all! We've wanted to have a few extra things for you guys to do for a while, and now we can, with the addition of a server especially for playing Spleef.

If you've never played before, the rules are simple. You start on a floor of snow, and you must be the last one remaining after having dug the floor out from under the other players and dropping them into a pit!

Now, there's not a whole lot to say here, other than that it's open for business and accessible in the entrance to the Warp Hall currently (later to be moved). Note you must be a Rookie or higher to play. There may be more things launching in the near future to complement the survival server, though that will always remain our priority!

Once on the server there are a few things different:

New Things

You should get your normal rank, though it won't affect you. Everyone has the same permissions, except for subscribers, who can join full games. However, we don't have subscriber ranks set up on the Spleef server yet. It will come soon.

The commands you will need are:

  • /join - Shows a menu to join the spleef games. Alternatively you may right click one of the join signs in the ruined tower.
  • /leave - allows you to leave a game you have joined.
  • /vote - vote to start a joined game you are in once you have two or more players. Games auto start at 6 players.
  • /top <page> - High scores! You earn points for winning and lose them for losing, everyone is ranked!
  • /g <msg> or /l <msg> - There are a few chat options available to you. The first is a local chat, which will only broadcast to people near you. The second is a global chat which everyone on the spleef server will see, but has a small cooldown. You can switch focus to either channel by leaving the msg parameter empty, or send a message to it without switching focus using the parameter.

All normal rules apply. Please report anyone breaking the server rules, or cheating in some way. Enjoy playing with your Wabbit Friends!