Hello Wabbit Survivors!

It's that time of year again, time for snow and Christmas (if you celebrate it) and school holidays. As a little bit of fun I am hosting a competition to win in-game prizes....read on to find out more.

All you have to do is build something on the server that fits with the theme 'Winter Wonderland', screenshot, and then submit your entry via the form linked below.

Watch the video for details!

Competition closes on the 25th December at 10pm GMT

Click here to enter

A prize is added on each day of advent. Check back here to find out what has been added each day!



1st Dec. - 2 saddles

2nd Dec. - Full set of iron armour

3rd Dec. - One chest full of oak logs

4th Dec. - a lump of coal (jk...a stack of coal!)

5th Dec. - Every type of sword (wood, stone, iron, diamond)

6th Dec. - Every type of hoe

7th Dec. - Every type of axe

8th Dec. - Every type of spade

9th Dec. - Bow

10th Dec. - Stack of arrows

11th Dec. - 5 carrots

12th Dec. - 1 Horse

13th Dec. - Stack of wheat

14th Dec. - 30 flowers

15th Dec. - Anvil

16th Dec. - Healing potion

17th Dec. - Water breathing potion

18th Dec. - 5 cows

19th Dec. - 5 pigs

20th Dec. - 5 chickens

21st Dec. - Stack of brick blocks

22nd Dec. - 5 buckets of water

23rd Dec. - Stack of snowballs

24th Dec. - Surprise gift!