Wabbit Survival

A friendly Minecraft server

Wabbit Survival is a simple, welcoming and friendly minecraft server. While being heavily focused on growing and nurturing an amazing community, we welcome players of all ages, providing you stick by our simple and fair rules.

With a brilliant, dedicated and friendly moderation team to resolve player disputes we hope you choose Wabbit Survival to play on, and that you thoroughly enjoy your time with us.

Our server IP address: mc.wabbitface.com

Note: Our version is currently 1.18.2 and you cannot join with any other version of minecraft.

Friendly Minecraft server

We think it's important for a friendly minecraft server community to have the space to interact, discuss plans, projects and share their creations with each other and the world. Over the years we have fine-tuned our server to offer the best vanilla survival gamemode in a multiplayer setting.

Besides the amazing staff, there are always a bunch of active and friendly players of all ages online. Search no more for a friendly Minecraft survival server, for Wabbit Survival is here!

Support our server

Represent the community to show everyone you're a major part of providing funds for our Minecraft server to not only keep it alive, but also to prelong it's future.

Join us on Discord

Help the Wabbit Survival community answering their questions, or even ask one yourself via our chat channels. On Discord, you can play with your friends, or even make new ones while using your gaming headset (although it's not necessary). Lastly you can keep up to date with server announcements and status updates.

Community Forum

Introduce yourself, discuss any Minecraft-related topics and engage in deep discussion with our community members.
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Supporting Mental Health

Here at Wabbit Survival, we see a lot of players come and go, but we are not too big to get to know you. We often hear about happy things, sad things and often something that comes up time and time again, is depression. That, and other issues with the mental well-being of our members. So as a server & community, we all support mental health greatly.